Well formats

The wellmap APIs accommodate a number of different ways to specify the location of a well. The following terminology is used (as consistently as possible) to distinguish between these formats, and to be clear about which is being used in any context:


A string naming a well, e.g. “A1”. Note that columns count from 1. Rows beyond “Z” can be specified using multiple letters, e.g. “AA”.


The same as well, but with the column numbers padded to two digits with leading zeros, e.g. “A01”.

row, col:

The individual row (letter) or column (number) parts of a well. Note that these column numbers count from 1.

row_i, col_j:

The numeric coordinates of a well, counting from 0. For example, “A1” is (0,0), “A2” is (0, 1), “B1” is (1, 0), etc. Sometimes these indices are just referred to as i and j, if the fact that we’re talking about rows and columns is clear from the context.


A string like that may specify multiple wells/rows/columns, like “A1,A2” or “A-D”. In other words, a string that may use the pattern syntax. It’s also possible for a pattern string to specify only a single well/row/column.