This pages lists features that have been slated for removal from wellmap. The goal is to briefly explain the reason for removing each feature, and to show how to update old code at a glance.

A DeprecationWarning is issued when any of these features is used. However, be aware that python makes an effort to only show such warnings to “developers” and not to “users”. See PEP 565 for details.

From the first release where a feature is deprecated, the deprecated behavior is guaranteed to remain available for at least two years. The feature will be removed in the next major release after that.

The extras and report_dependencies arguments to wellmap.load()

Both of these arguments request that the load() function return additional information about the layout file. It seems likely that more and more similar arguments will be added over time, so to avoid having to keep changing the signature of load(), these arguments were consolidated into a single Meta object. See #38 for more information.

Old syntax (available until at least November 2025):

df, extras, deps = wellmap.load(

New syntax (available since version 3.5):

df, meta = wellmap.load('path/to/layout.toml', meta=True)
extras = meta.extras
deps = meta.dependencies